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Satellite (LEO/GEO)



DFB laser diodes have been successfully qualified in comprehensive qualification tests according MIL, ESCC or Telcordia standards. For instance two DFB 850nm laser diodes are used for the GAIA mission of ESA. Combining two lasers in an interferometric setup guarantee the precise and sustaining alignment of two telescopes in orbit.

Products: DFB-780, DFB-785DFB-852

Optical Data Communication

The qualified DFB chip technology in combination with enhanced 14-pin butterfly  package solutions can be used for inter-satellite communication.

Products: DFB-852, DFB-1064DFB-15xx (upon request)


Pyro techniques are common for separation tasks and ignition processes on board satellites. To overcome drawbacks of electro-pyro solutions new OptoPyro approaches have been developed.
Such systems rely on high laser pulses under extreme conditions (temperature, shock), generated by a high-power semiconductor lasers.

Products: BAL-940 (upon request), BAL-980 (upon request)