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Diffractive Optical Elements (DOE) are able to generate a variety of beam patterns that can be used for the measurement of 3D surfaces by CCD sensors. Our high power 808 nm Fabry-Perot laser with excellent beam characteristics is the ideal laser source for large-area measurements.

Product: RWL-808-BFW02

Time of Flight

Pulsed lasers are used for laser scanners and range finders. Our broad area lasers for pulse mode operation allow long-range distance and speed measurements based on time-of-flight (TOF) measurements.

Products: BAL-808, BAL-905

Interferometry for Distance Measurement, Angle Measurement, Velocimetry and Vibrometry

DFB and DBR lasers with its small linewidths and high frequency stability enable interferometric measurements with high precision. The lasers of our RWS laser family with integrated grating achieve nearly the same performance at lower cost.

Products: DFB-780-BFW01, DFB-780-BFY02, DFB-852-BFW01, DFB-852-BFY02, RWS-785, RWS-852