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More and more DFB laser Diodes are replacing other types of lasers because they are small, robust and reliable. This is especially important for space projects.

A semiconductor laser diode is the ideal candidates for harsh operating conditions. Compact and robust as they are they withstand even extreme environmental conditions. And all this coming with much less weight than all the bulky approaches of external cavity or solid state lasers.

As a consequence our DFB laser diode are successfully used in space programs of the NASA and ESA where they have been tested in comprehensive qualification tests according MIL, ESCC or Telcordia standards. For instance two DFB 850nm laser diodes are used for the GAIA mission of ESA. Combining two lasers in an interferometric setup guarantee the precise and sustaining alignment of two telescopes in orbit.

Based on the same butterfly assembly platform a DFB-1064 has been qualified as a seed source for a fiber laser application to be used at ISS. Generally our complete 14-pin butterfly manufacturing line and supply chain have been space approved by ESA.

Comparable popular are the extremely powerful broad area lasers packaged in very dense hermetically sealed TO housings ideally suited for various sensing tasks related to missile applications or active protection systems for vehicles. Especially at the wavelengths of 808nm, 905nm, 940nm or 1064nm a variety of fully qualified products providing peak power levels up to 80W pulsed or duty cycles up to 50% are available.

Please let us know if you have special requirements for your lasers. Based on our wide experience we are able to offer tailored component solutions and moreover we are experienced to execute complete product qualification programs against the appropriate standards.