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We find solutions

Whatever your requirements, our team is dedicated to finding a solution for any challenge in the field of lasers that our customers might present.

  • Mr. Joerg Muchametow, CEO and Founder
  • Dr. Dirk Schumann, CTO
  • Mr. Michael Kneier, VP Sales and Marketing
  • Dr. Thomas Laurent, Product Management and Founder
  • Mr. Juergen Ludwig, Quality Management

CEO and Founder

CEO and Founder Joerg Muchametow Management

Jörg Muchametow, Dipl. Ing. graduated in Electronics at the Technical University Berlin. During the first years of his career he was involved in developing telecommunication systems. In 1990, Jörg joined Siemens as a development engineer for the development of fiber-optic transceivers. After a fast-track career, Jörg held worldwide profit and loss responsibility  for laser components with revenues in excess of $10 million.
In 2001, he moved to a Munich start-up company as director of their laser fab in Berlin. Together with Thomas Laurent  he founded eagleyard Photonics in 2002,  where he is now CEO.


CTO Dr. Dirk Schumann Management

Dr. Dirk Schumann, PhD joined eagleyard Photonics in October 2017 as technical managing director (CTO). He studied physics at the Technical University Berlin and helds a diploma in laserphysics. He completed his academic career by a PhD thesis in semiconductor physics and started in 1994 at Siemens central development department for microelectronics in Munich. In 1999 he moved to Dresden in order to establish an innovation department for process development at Infineon. In early 2002 Dirk Schumann joined u2t photonics in Berlin. In this position he was responsible for chip manufacturing and the development of high speed photodetectors. By the end of 2003 he was appointed by BMW in Leipzig to take over the responsibility for the quality management of all supplier parts in electrics/electronics. In the following 10 years he had different management positions at BMW in the area of car assembly where he finally also contributed to the ramp up of BMW’s electric car production. At the beginning of 2014 he became part of the plant management team at BMW Motorrad in Berlin. In this last position he was responsible for  the paint shop and chassis department, including production, planning and quality management.

VP Sales and Marketing

VP Sales and Marketing Michael Kneier Management

Michael Kneier joined eagleyard in April 2006 being responsible for worldwide Sales and Marketing. He brings with him more than  25 years of experience in the optoelectronics industry, 18 years thereof in the sales and marketing playground. That makes him ideally suited to complement the technology competence of eagleyard Photonics with his excellent sales skills and market knowledge.
Prior to that Michael Kneier served as VP Sales & Marketing with u²t Photonics, an expert company in high speed photodetectors. Between 1990 and 2002, Michael Kneier held various positions within the optical communications business of Siemens and Infineon Technologies, with mainly global responsibility, in such disciplines as development, sales and marketing, or as director of strategic marketing.
He holds a degree in Precision Engineering from the Technical University Berlin, and is owner/co-owner of various photonic patents.

Product Management and Founder

Product Management and Founder

Dr. Thomas Laurent graduated with a Diploma in Physical Chemistry. His first contact with laser diodes (literally) was when opening up a 5W Coherent Verdi Laser. Exactly that device ensured his PhD thesis researching ultrafast femtosecond processes – to which he was attracted ever since. In 2001 he started his industrial career at a fast growing start-up company being responsible for testing and characterization of InP laser diodes for telecommunication. Together with Joerg Muchametow he founded eagleyard Photonics in 2002. He served as its CTO and Managing Director during the start-up and initial growth phase. Having reached a next level in the company’s development he handed over his responsibilities to Dr. Schumann in October 2017. Dr. Laurent took over as Head of Product Management taking care of the existing portfolio.

Quality Management

Quality Management Jürgen Ludwig

Jürgen Ludwig joined eagleyard in May 2011 as the head of the quality management department. Jürgen is a veteran in the optical industry and has more than 30 years of experience in quality management positions. From 1991 to 2005 Jürgen worked with Siemens/Infineon AG in Berlin. In his last position he was responsible for the quality and reliability of fiber optic transceivers. In 2005 he was appointed Head of Quality Management at MergeOptics where he successfully established the quality management system and held responsibility for all quality aspects of fiber optical modules for data rates up to 120 Gb/s. Jürgen received his degree in Electronics in 1976 at the Technical University in Chemnitz.