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Based on GaAs wafer material our semiconductor laser diodes cover wavelengths ranging from 630 to 1,120 nm. If you need high power and superior brightness - and all that in a single emitter configuration - you will find us at the leading edge of technology. Our product portfolio comprises four basic types of lasers, each optimized to meet specific requirements:

DFB / DBR Laser
Distributed Feedback Lasers (DFB) and Distributed Bragg Reflector Lasers (DBR) contain an integrated grating structure.
Tapered Laser
Tapered Lasers or Tapered Amplifiers combine the beam quality of a ridge waveguide laser with the high power known from broad area lasers.
Broad Area Laser
Broad Area Lasers operate spatially and longitudinally multimode.
Ridge Waveguide Laser/Fabry Perot Laser
Ridge Waveguide or Fabry Perot Lasers operate spatially single mode and are optionally available with AR coating.
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Rheinmetall Defence

Top supplier of defence technology and security systems
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Fibertek, Inc

The Aerospace Laser Expert
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ESA Satellite Mission – GAIA

Butterfly-packaged DFB-Laser for interferometric telescope alignment
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Toptica Photonics

Laser Systems for Scientific and Industrial Applications
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Agilent Technologies

Photonic Test and Measurement Equipment
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MD & M West 2015

Feb. 10 - 12, 2015
San Francisco, USA
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Photonics West 2015

Feb. 10 - 12, 2015
San Francisco, USA
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16 Watt single emitter laser diode at 1064 nm

eagleyard Photonics offers a single-emitter laser diode with an optical output power up to 16 Watt
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expansion of Global Sales force in South Asia

Western Systems to support eagleyards global sales force in South Asia
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